Expressive Loss & Grief Support – 6 Week Group Course

Participating in this Expressive Loss & Grief Support Group is one way you can intentionally support yourself through a painful and challenging time. Booking inquiries now open (see bottom of page for dates)

Loss & grief changes us, pushing us into a tumultuous ocean of unbearable emotion that invites us to explore new ways of being in the world. Grief invites us to bear the unbearable.

Bravely stepping out and safely opening our hearts, allowing others to witness our grief is medicine for the soul. As we find ways to honor our loss and allow energy to flow through our body we begin to heal and learn to live with sacred scars.

Expressive Grief Work offers a structured time and space for individuals to intentionally come together to share and process emotion. While there is nothing to fix and there is no right or wrong way to grieve, we can support each other as human beings through listening, sharing and being together. We can hold space compassionately and without judgement. We can support each other as we walk together along life’s path.

Grief itself is deeply subjective and the definition broad. We can experience deep grief and loss for a loved one, a pet, career, relationship, a lost world, or dream. This Expressive Grief course is for those who have experienced a significant loss of someone or something close to their heart and are seeking to participate in a safe and supportive group environment. Grief can be recent or long ago.

What to expect over the this 6 week course:

Sessions are held in a cosey, homely venue with a strong emphasis on the elements of nature.  Each session is skillfully facilitated, guiding participants through group work that gently supports self expression, honesty and expansive living.

Group activities and what to expect during the 6 weeks:

  • Guidance every step of the way
  • Safety, support, compassion and respect
  • Opportunity to share within the group and freedom to remain quiet
  • Mindfulness meditations – witnessing our inner truth
  • Opportunity to learn and practice ceremony and rituals to honor loss, preserve memory and invite gentle healing
  • Exploring grief through the channel of reflective art (no artistic experience required)
  • Journaling and artistic expression as a tool for healing and expansion
  • Breath work – practicing ways to breath that calm the nervous system
  • Creating artwork that honors grief

Inviting inquiries: scheduled phone chat to ensure this group is what you are looking for.

Cost: $450

Thursday evenings: June 20th – July 25th. 6.30pm – 8.30pm. Express your interest here.

Thursday mornings: 5th September – 10th October. 10am – 12noon. Express your interest here.

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