Energy Healing

Wondering why energy healing could support your personal development?

We are born with the most amazing flow of energy within our bodies which enables us to flourish and grow. Over the years we learn to protect ourselves from pain, and in so doing this, we block our natural energy flow.

Using the analogy of a river, we can imagine boulders and debris blocking the natural waters flow. When we shove down or push away our pain, it is stored in the body, just like the debris in a river. Over time we can lose connection to our deeper self, and with this our inner peace. We can find ourselves flooded with difficult emotions, flashbacks, phobias, intrusive thoughts and avoidances. Addictions, obsessions, anxiety, depression, acting out and over reacting to circumstances are signs of blocked energy. Left to stagnate within the body, our blocked energy leaks out, causing more pain to both ourselves and others. Personal growth is about release and expansion which is supported through the use of energy work.

At the Ceremonial Art Healing Centre, we facilitate energetic shifts using a range of methods including process art and writing, facilitating flow states, somatic healing, meditation and movement, breath work and hands on healing.

Energy Healing

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