An opportunity for intimate connection, facilitated to best support your group. Replenish is rich in ceremony and atmosphere and held within a delightfully unique setting and can be customized to support small groups in relaxation, release, celebration or grief and loss.

Melt into meditation and allow yourself to be guided through ceremony. Free your hands to be creative in this immersive, soothing environment. Share space without speaking and join with like minded others as you practice intuitive art, replenish the soul and enter a state of deep relaxation.

What to expect: Support every step of the way.

Within sacred space participants are ceremoniously guided to disconnect from their daily lives during this 2 hour silent session. We connect through cleansing and heart opening ceremonies, invoking gentle guidance and self healing in preparation for intuitive art practice. No artistic experience is required and participants are supported every step of the way. This session is deeply immersive and allows the nervous system to safely unwind within a unique small group setting.

This session is highly supportive of self care and personal growth. Participants are invited to notice what arises within the body from a place of non judgmental curiosity. From this space we can gently and safely widen our window of tolerance for our own inner discomfort and slowly learn to be with our truth as we call back our shadow parts. Replenish is deeply healing and respectfully supportive. In fully giving ones self to the process, participants can expect the inner work they experience during these sessions to continue unfolding into the weeks ahead.

No artistic experience is required. Everything supplied.

2 hour session. Max 5 participants.

Cost: $420.00 (up to 4 people), 5th person @ $80.00.

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