Ceremony – Meaning & Celebrations

Custom Ceremony available by appointment.

Come alone or with friends, joining me as I lead you through meaningful ceremony.

Welcome back the healing art of ceremonies – underpin celebrations with deep meaning!

Through ceremony we can cross from the world of matter and form, entering the subjective unseen, a world that is impossible to comprehend no matter how we try. As human beings, we can imagine our heart felt connection, insights and guidance coming from whatever feels right for us. Some of us may resonate with ideas of consciousness or higher self, while others with Universe, Divine, Gaia, the great way, God, Goddess just as examples. Cultural influences, personal belief systems and experiences underpin this subjectivity and the language we use to describe the magic of life: that which we experience as lightness and love within our heart. This indescribable life force that energetically ripples throughout our bodies and beyond, connecting us as one.

Remembering ancient wisdom.”

Ceremony was once a vital part of peoples lives. These days it is easy to think of ceremonies as funerals and weddings alone. It’s time to bring back more meaning into our lives and welcome back this healing art. We can create fresh and living ceremonies that honor ancient wisdom and recognize the challenges of our modern world.

Ceremonies & Celebrations.”

Times are changing………can you feel it? As a race we are starving for innate meaning. We are searching for and desperately need new ways of doing things. I want you to know we can celebrate rights of passage once again, in new ways!

Birthday Celebrations – New Beginnings – Celebrations of Life

We can join in celebration that is underpinned by deep meaning. We can leave our mobile phones at the door for a time, and intentionally step into the realm of sacred with gratitude and vibrancy, laughter and enjoyment as we practice new ways of being in the world!

Are you interested in participating in a ceremony?

Private and Small Group Ceremonies – by design

Alone or with friends, come join me in Ceremony.

Something incredibly special happens when we gather for ceremonies. Preparing the space before guests arrives and leading people into an expansive journey energizes me. I deeply value the use of ceremonies in my own life and feel honored to share this artform with others as I guide them into meaningful connections with life.

Ceremony opens the door for something truly unique and deeply meaningful.

Participate in a custom designed ceremony to celebrate life events, life itself, honor memories, invite healing. Use ceremony as a fresh way to remember, support and nourish deeper connections to self, others and nature.

While joining in ceremony, participants learn through experience. Ceremony and ritual are creative tools we can use with confidence as a way of supporting our own healing journey, calming our nervous system and bringing peace into our life.


Celebrations: – Honoring Memories – Healing – Gathering (offerings can be customized and combined upon request)

The below ceremonies can be part of your celebration. For example, celebrating a special birthday or Mother Blessing.

Creative Cacao Ceremony

Melt into guided mindfulness meditation, allowing the nervous system to calm. Sink deeply into the body as we step away from the busy mind. In the words of Ram Dass “come up for air”. Sit together and enjoy the journey of this Creative Cacao Ceremony, remembering our deeper connection nature and the planet.

Our Cacao is prepared with a special blend of spices and organic vegan milk to make a fragrant, delicious and warming drink to be mindfully enjoyed as it awakens the senses. Our home made cacao blend tastes like an amazingly great hot chocolate, however is packed with many health benefits. Raw Cacao (which, by itself has a bitter flavor) is known as a “superfood” due to its high amount of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. 

BYO cake or nibbles as a way to celebrate after the ceremony. Tea making facilities available upon request.

Smoke Cleansing Ceremony

This ceremony is skillfully & safely facilitated to support participants every step of the way.

Join together in a clearing and cleansing ceremony using gentle, low smoke, high end Japanese Incense. Melt into meditation as we invoke self healing, honor our connection to Gaia and work with oracle cards.

Create an alter using the nature elements provided for use during the session.

BYO cake or nibbles as a way to celebrate after the ceremony. Tea making facilities available upon request.

Intuitive Art Ceremony

This ceremony leads participants into a journey of self discover through the channel of intuitive art practice. Select from a range of art materials including paint and paper, rocks & paint, collage, clay, flower arranging. No artistic experience is required.

BYO cake or nibbles as a way to celebrate after the ceremony. Tea making facilities available upon request.

If you would like to learn more about this very unique offering, please contact Karen.

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