Hello and Welcome! My name is Karen.

I believe that deep and lasting personal growth is indeed possible and that we can find and nurture inner freedom and peace. I know this through my own experience and continued use of tools for expansive living that I know work! Through the Ceremonial Art Healing Centre I am able to share my passion for life and support others in their own hero’s journey.

It has been my vision to create a nurturing space that supports community, connection and conscious expansion: a trauma informed environment that nurtures inner peace and selfcare, a space were we can lift each others spirits as we travel together along this path of life.

“the older I get, the more I love the person I am becoming.” – Karen Gilbert

Looking back to my 15, 20, 30 year old self, each would have found that statement unbelievable and difficult to comprehend. My 40 year old self thought that prospect was a hopeful possibility. Now in my mid 50’s I find this statement my reality.

Karen Gilbert

Through my own experience and in working with people, I know that pain can be our greatest teacher. I know that by opening our hearts and inviting inner stillness, we can bravely move towards integrating those parts of ourselves that have been deeply wounded. We can gradually welcome back those fragments of ourselves that we have learnt to disown. I know this can be painfully difficult, sometimes unbearable and lonely work and that finding ”good fit” people to support our journey makes a world of difference. Continual learning, making loving connections and the embodiment of life enhancing practices make a tremendous difference in the quality of life we can experience.

During the late 90’s when I was lovingly introduced to meditation and process art, I recall feeling like an ant who had tasted a grain of sugar for the first time. A grain that had spilt over from the sugar bowl of life. I was moving forward on my self healing path!

I survived early motherhood and did my best to raise my beautiful children with the skills I had. I taught folk art in the 90’s. During my early 30’s I took a deep dive into myself and made the very brave step of seeking the support of a therapist. I ran community groups and worked with families in crisis before completing formal studies in 2002. I have worked as a psychotherapist, marriage and family counsellor, mediator and group facilitator. I’ve also worked in small business for many years and am owner, operator of the Ceremonial Art Healing Centre in Hobart. I find deep peace in nature and feel so grateful to be home in Hobart. I’m a grandmother these days too and thoroughly enjoy hanging out with the delightful little humans who call me Lolli.

The patchwork of my life to date, has woven into it struggles with anxiety, depression, addiction, grief and everything else that comes with it. Together with the strands of compassion, self acceptance, joy, peace and gratitude, each thread makes me who I am today: the person I continue to love, respect and embrace.

If you are feeling a pull in my direction, book a complimentary 15 minute phone call and we can discuss how I can best support you.

Relevant Qualifications

Master of Education (Counselling & Development)· Family and Adolescent Counselling – special project in Art therapy. Graduated 2002, University of Tasmania.

Additional Training

Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing; Reiki First Degree. 2021.

Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. Reiki Second Degree. 2022.

Alkymia Healing Certified 2022.


My approach is trauma informed, incorporating somatic experiencing and mindfulness practices.

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