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Thanks again. The course (Expressive Loss & Grief) was so wonderful; it really stirred things up and I processed so much and got so much out of it. I feel so much stronger and more capable in facing the future. – K

Thank you for creating this space where I could safely and gently reconnect to a missing part of myself . The Ceremonial Art Healing Centre is helping me reconnect to a part of myself which I am now bringing back to life. I didn’t even remember that artistic expression was once a big part of who I am. Now this authentic part of me is miraculously awakening. Yining

Karen, I enjoyed meeting you and experiencing your wonderful session and sacred space. I’m sure I will be back to Hobart in the future and would love to keep in touch. Best wishes for you and your family and your important service – Leon from Adelaide.

Hobart Experience

Karen created a tranquil and healing space where I felt safe and encouraged to connect to myself and others through the ceremonial transitions, meditation and intuitive art. Highly recommended! – Zoe

Ceremonial Art Healing Centre is a sacred space to bring healing, reflection, tranquility into your inner world. The sessions I attended shifted my energy which helped me in all areas of my life. Karen is very friendly, accommodating and knows how to hold space. – Chetna

I am grateful I attended another meditation and intuitive art session at the Ceremonial Art Healing Centre. This experience surprised me in an unexpected and emotional way. Thanks to Karen, I felt safe and non-judged to express this intensive feeling through art and became lighter in the end. Here is a little something I wrote:

Resentment, this word sends my mind in clouds

Heavy clouds which lead to a tornado storm

Dark, blue, rushing towards me

The longer I linger

The deeper I fall into

The harder I resist

The darker I find myself in

Only the repetitive black circles can comfort me in an odd way

Screaming, screaming

Yet comes a red beast

A beast that no one wants to be around

Sharp teeth from the sky and the earth, cage it in

“I want to be out! I want to be heard!”

Banging and banging on the relentlessness

The beast’s anger fades away

Where sadness takes over

The storm shows its mercy

Allowing the blue sky to come out slowly

Light, and there is light sparkling here and there again. – Zoe

Dearest Karen, I must say a massive thank you for our art therapy healing session. it was just wonderful to take the time to just BE. For someone who is hands on and visual, I loved the (ceremony) energetic cleansing journey that you took us on before we actually began our painting session. I woke up this morning with the feeling that I’m needing to do a detox to assist the evolution of my healing journey and what I allowed the session to unblock inside of me. For this I am truly grateful, and I am certain to pass your details on to others.

The picture (below) depicts me in red connecting to source releasing all the things that no longer serve me & coming back to my heart space. Evadney Wootton

The Ceremonial Art Healing Centre is a beautiful sacred space in the heart of Hobart. I had the opportunity to participate in a group session with Karen where we explored intuitive art practice, meditation and ceremony. I would highly recommend a session to anyone looking to nurture their soul. – Nicole

I highly recommend this soulful course. I really enjoyed the meditative approach to the art and felt like I pushed through some barriers. It was interesting how my brain processed things differently when I was able to be calm, still and reflective. This course gave me some insight, got me a little closer to understanding myself. I left feeling somewhat lighter than when I arrived. I highly recommend this peaceful and grounding experience. – Steph

Uniqueness. Powerful in a loving way. Strength in delicacy. Veronica.

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