Sacred Somatics

Sacred somatics is a doorway to gentle healing work, expansive consciousness and self healing. Book here.

Gently, deeply, intentionally dive into your truth during this immersive session.

Wondering what to expect?
During this 2.5 hour group session, I will be safely facilitating energetic shifts as I lead the group through a mindful, somatic  movement practice (a floor practice on yoga mats)  as well as a time of Silent Art Play at the studio table.

I have designed this session specifically to support you in your own healing work, self care, mindfulness practice and soul nourishment.

Join me for a Saturday morning of guided meditation, deep heeling work, relaxation and ceremony. Enjoy the magic of oracle cards and the company of others.   I look forward to welcoming you into a sacred space ❤️that will be filled with opportunity to support your expansion.

Bookings here! (early bird finishes Sunday 19/11).


facilitating energetic shift through sacred somatics

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