Silent Group Sessions

Replenish: Group Session– for those comfortable sharing silence with others

(max 4 participants) 2 hour session. Bookings essential.

Melt into meditation and allow yourself to be guided through ceremony. Free your hands to play with paint and immerse yourself in a unique environment where mindfulness can flourish. Share space without speaking and join with like minded others, exploring process art in a nurturing, supportive environment. Replenish the soul and enjoy deep relaxation.

What to expect: The first half hour is for guided meditation and ceremony. We then move into an hour of silent process art practice followed by a brief opportunity to share with others (optional). This session closes with meditation.

Replenish: Private Group Session  book out the space for those comfortable sharing silence with others!

Offering a unique way to spend quiet time with like minded family, friends or colleagues. Be together in sacred space where mindfulness can flourish through ceremony, guided meditation and intuitive art.

Welcome to the Ceremonial Art Healing Centre

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