Silent Art + Sharing Circle

This gentle work is designed to facilitate energetic shifts within the body and open the mind to new perspectives. Multiple sessions are recommended to strengthen this powerful mindfulness practice. Breathe and relax the nervous system within sacred space while listening to wisdom teachings and meditations. Sit with like minded people who also crave the opportunity to quietly paint in a non competitive environment. Practice expanding your conscious awareness while you enter an immersive flow state using art materials provided. No art experience is required. This session is all about process, not outcome. Session ends with a sharing circle. Book here.

Health benefits of regular attendance include:

  • learning, strengthening and practicing mindfulness techniques which provide a doorway to inner peace
  • learning how and why energy becomes blocked within the body and how to release these blockages
  • experiencing energetic shifts
  • gaining new perspectives on difficult situations
  • increasing self-awareness and acceptance
  • intentionally supporting yourself to heal old wounds and release new pain
  • increasing creativity and imagination
  • reduction in negative thinking patterns
  • increasing capacity to manage stress and anxiety
  • lowering resting heart rate & blood pressure
  • increase your tolerance of discomfort
  • reduce feelings of social anxiety

Sessions work to balance the nervous system and support holistic well being for individuals ready and willing to give themselves fully to the process.

For private group bookings or alternative session times contact Karen.

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