“Anxiety – grips my chest.
I breathe.

I press my hand firmly over my heart and keep breathing.

In and out. I am with myself.
It doesn’t feel nice.
I feel tears welling up in my eyes.
Warm, heated, discomfort.

I know these feelings will pass like a cloud.
I am watching, acknowledging and being with my truth.
This being human 🌱

In the breath there is spaciousness that gives me choice.

I choose on purpose to sit with my discomfort, gently, rather than numb and distract.  I listen to my body and open myself to the lessons it brings me as I remember pain is my greatest teacher.

I bring out some pencils and welcome the energetic shift that comes through intuitive art practice.

I gently, kindly, heal a little.”

This is a glimpse into my personal healing journey.  It takes work, it hurts and it’s messy.

It’s a life long journey of comings and goings 🌈

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