Healing the Nervous System

Healing the Nervous System takes time! Why can’t I heal fast?? I hear your question! Why can healing take so long and need to come from a place of slowing down and inner calm? Why can’t it be a BOOM AND ITS DONE experience? I want this over NOW!!! Does this resonate? Do you think … Read more

Death Observed

Death arrived closer to midnight than dawn. Friday morning 19th January 2024. (Warning: this post is raw, truthful an graphic and may trigger difficult feelings for the reader). Cold, reminding me of deep waters, her body hardens, stiffens, reminding me of dense earth. From where her body came, so shall it return. Her tongue hangs … Read more

Energy Healing

Intuitive Art Hobart

Energy healing is important work we can continue to practice. Recently I attended a presentation and observed the energy within the small group. Some participants were visibly distress and down hearted.  As I listened to the presentation I became increasingly curious.  During question time some members oozed out fear and grief and a quality of … Read more

Trauma Informed Therapy

Trauma informed therapy underpins the work we do at the Ceremonial Art Healing Centre. Ceremony provides a doorway into gently slowing down, connecting to the senses and feeling safe. Mindfulness and somatic experiencing are both safely woven into the work we do together through meditation and coaching. Within a supported environment, participants can slowly expand … Read more


Pain??? Why the hell would I want to feel it? Is pain useful? How we look at pain can help Think of pain as fuel: CLEAN vs DIRTY fuel in a vehicle. In our body. We experience CLEAN pain (which hurts like hell) through honesty, accountability and vunerability. Being with ourself truthfully can be sooooo … Read more


“Anxiety – grips my chest.I breathe. I press my hand firmly over my heart and keep breathing. In and out. I am with myself.It doesn’t feel nice.I feel tears welling up in my eyes.Warm, heated, discomfort. I know these feelings will pass like a cloud.I am watching, acknowledging and being with my truth.This being human … Read more

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