Why the hell would I want to feel it?

Is pain useful?

How we look at pain can help ❤️‍🩹

Think of pain as fuel: CLEAN vs DIRTY fuel in a vehicle. In our body.

We experience CLEAN pain (which hurts like hell) through honesty, accountability and vunerability. Being with ourself truthfully can be sooooo difficult!!!

Clean pain combusts as our body uses this energy to heal our emotional wounds. This energy is used for growth🌱 as it flows through us 🔥.

On the contrary, using this concept, we can consider DIRTY pain, or muddy fuel, as energy that doesn’t run easily through our body. Blocked life force!

Dirty pain feeds blame, denial and avoidance. When we respond using this pain we are reacting from our shadow. We act compulsively, unconsciously and excessively.

This can look like totally acceptable behaviour (eating, sleeping, exercise, work, sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping, play etc.).

It can sound so helpful and caring or like a victim. It can sound so happy, angry or sad. It can feel like not having a choice or like being in control.

When functioning from our dirty pain, we remain in a closed loop system. From this place we continue to hurt ourselves and others.

Allowing ourselves to go through the discomfort of feeling clean pain is key to inner peace.

Feeling our truth takes work, perseverance and courage.

I can gently support you in this work ❤️

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