Thought Patterns and Suffering.

Thought patterns and suffering are connected! Our thoughts, just like our breath, run on autopilot. Just as well really, otherwise we would need to think about every little thing we do all the time. Imagine needing full conscious awareness to drive your car, or walk down the street or get your card out of your … Read more

Healing the Nervous System

Healing the Nervous System takes time! Why can’t I heal fast?? I hear your question! Why can healing take so long and need to come from a place of slowing down and inner calm? Why can’t it be a BOOM AND ITS DONE experience? I want this over NOW!!! Does this resonate? Do you think … Read more

My life broken

My life is a mosaic of broken tiles and glass shards, soft flower petals, scattered around. A warm drink in my hands. I am at peace with who I am. Wind whistles through tree tops, The ocean waves roll in and out. A butterfly sits on my shoulder. I am at peace with who I … Read more


Burning away the old bring healing. Rejuvenating Clearing Making way for rebirth Making way for new growth. This inevitably happens to us, time and time again. It hurts like hell. We may run from it or bravely open ourselves to our unique evolution, knowing pain is our greatest teacher. Allowing ourselves, on purpose, to gently, … Read more

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