Why Ceremony?

Ceremony Hobart

Ceremony simply supports my wellbeing. Sometimes my anxiety levels take a hike upwards . It’s part of being human. Non of us can feel fab100% of the time. We’re designed to feel, we are emotional beings . We can feel grounded and centred, overwhelmed, in despair, off being frantic, anxious and chaotic, on fire with … Read more

Death Observed

Death arrived closer to midnight than dawn. Friday morning 19th January 2024. (Warning: this post is raw, truthful an graphic and may trigger difficult feelings for the reader). Cold, reminding me of deep waters, her body hardens, stiffens, reminding me of dense earth. From where her body came, so shall it return. Her tongue hangs … Read more

Ceremony & the healing journey

To pause and take time for ceremony supports life. With intention we can put a little time aside for ceremony. We can welcome in our truth, gently, safely. We can notice what arises within our bodies. Being. Being with what is. Our truth. Our body sensations can be exhaustingly difficult. Relentless at times. Allowing ourselves … Read more

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