Energy Healing

Energy healing is important work we can continue to practice.

Recently I attended a presentation and observed the energy within the small group. Some participants were visibly distress and down hearted.  As I listened to the presentation I became increasingly curious.  During question time some members oozed out fear and grief and a quality of despair, while others radiated a lightness, a sense of expansion, hope for the future and an openness to possibilities.

Our happiness is determined by the moment-to-moment decision to choose love over fear.

As energetic beings, our decision to choose love over fear makes an enormous difference to how we experience life, not to mention how our ‘being in the world’  impacts our surroundings.  This isn’t to say we don’t all experience truly  unbearable situations and circumstances at various times within our life.

But, can we learn to bear the unbearable?

From my experience, the answer is YES!

As we learn to open ourselves to the truth that is LOVE, we begin to experience the most beautiful flow of lightness within our body as we find the place within, where we can indeed bear the unbearable.

The work required is ongoing, can look messy, feel incredibly painful and lonely…..but becomes easier with practice as old pain is transformed. Rather than hooking into stories that feed our energy blocks, we can choose to learn and continually practice conscious, expansive ways of being in the world which makes a massive difference to our experience of life. Naturally, these changes within us radiate outwards and  influence the lives of those closest to us and beyond.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
–  Mahatma Gandhi

When the hard stuff comes our way, and it will, we can truly learn how to support the energy flow through our bodies, and return to peace more quickly – time after time.

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