Through the art of ceremony we can cross from the world of matter and form, entering the subjective unseen, a world that is impossible to comprehend no matter how we try. As human beings, we can imagine our heart felt connection, insights and guidance coming from whatever feels right for us.

Some of us may resonate with ideas of consciousness or higher self, while others with Universe, Divine, Gaia, God, Goddess just as examples. Cultural influences, personal belief systems and experiences underpin this subjectivity and the language we use to describe the magic of life: that which we experience as lightness and love within our heart, that energetically ripples throughout our bodies and beyond.

Ceremonies can be fresh, new and vibrant, marrying the ancient with the present, to enrich life and bring living insights into our expansive reality.

We can use the art of ceremony to help us heal and expand. By radiating loving energy into the world around us, we can live with conscious intention and bring into this world the very changes we want to see within it ❤️

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