Healing the Nervous System

Healing the Nervous System takes time!

Why can’t I heal fast??🀯 I hear your question! Why can healing take so long and need to come from a place of slowing down and inner calm?

Why can’t it be a BOOM AND ITS DONE experience? I want this over NOW!!! Does this resonate?

Do you think you need a big release? A massive shift……to get there right now? Are you driving hard for this change?

Take a moment to follow me with this…..

Sure, sometimes a big release happens, but most often it’s a slow burn. Bit by bit, day in day out, compounding over time is sustainable. Gently as you go type of pace is the way to go. Then one day you will notice the amazing changes, and that ongoing healing work isn’t so hard anymore, but it will have taken a lot of inner work to get there. Oh, also, while the healing journey certainly becomes easier, it never ends πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ.

Healing is about teaching the nervous system that it can indeed function calmly. Teaching the system to balance. It’s ok to relax, rest and digest. It’s ok to calm now you have stopped running from the tiger.

By teaching the nervous system how to be calm and move away from its addiction to the rush-rush, crazy drama, endless spinning, we bring healing to ourselves.

This work is always experiential….and that’s how I teach it. Experientially!

Ask yourself this:

Is your rush to heal actually repetition of your response to being overwhelmed by your life in the past?

Has your overwhelm response become ‘the norm’? Are you continually switched on to runπŸƒβ€β™€οΈβ€βž‘οΈfrom the πŸ… tiger?

If you are constantly driven, find it uncomfortable to pause and really relax deeply, I can help you.

Wishing you deep breaths, a nervous system that remembers and practices deep relaxation and an inner state of peace 😘.

Wishing you a central nervous system that can fire up so you can run full pelt away from that tiger, but then able to sit, breath, settle and quickly come back to a set point of deep relaxation πŸ’“.

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