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I didn’t feel like doing my practice this morning.

I pushed through, taking the actions, going through the motions and observed.

I noticed I wasn’t feeling relaxed and felt a sence of urgency within my chest and into my throat.

I welcomed the feelings and noticed where they were located in my body. The temperature and texture of them, the shapes and how they moved.

I didn’t push them away.

It didn’t feel comfortable, feeling the sensations within my body, but I acknowledged my truth in that moment.

I breathed into these senses and felt a little space enter my body.

My window of tolerance was expanded a little.

Having a daily practice totally supports me in my chosen life of expansion. It sets me up for the day. I stretch my body and move my spine. I meditate. I pay attention to South, North, West and the East. I deliberately connect to the earth and the universal energies of love and light.

Within this private, deliberate and conscious time, I am giving myself space for stillness, intention setting, reflection and being with my truth. Being human. Being in my body. Connected.

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