“I Got Loaded” is a 1951 song by Peppermint Harris

“Last night I got loaded

On a bottle of gin, on a bottle of gin ………

I feel alright, I feel alright

Night before last I got loaded …………

On a bottle of whisky, on a bottle of whisky

I feel alright, I feel alright

Tonight I might get loaded

On a bottle of wine, on a bottle of wine ………

I feel alright, I feel alright”

While alcohol may not be your thing, can you relate to this in some way?

I certainly can.

Online shopping, mindless scrolling, Netflix, substances, sex…….the list goes on. We can all use things to numb our mind so “we feel alright”.

Creating a life that expands us

and makes space for inner peace is an ongoing work.

We can build a better life, open to endless possibilities and abundance.

We can take responsibility for our daily life choices.

This work certainly takes effort and time.

It is the harder path to travel in this life journey.

It’s often messy and doesn’t look pretty.

Are you wanting freedom from closed loop patterns of thinking and doing?

Are you willing and ready to do the work?

If this is you, I can gently and kindly guide you in this deep soul work 🌱

For more information call Karen 0438 297 230 or email me

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