Difficult feelings

As human beings we all have them & they are not fun……..these difficult feelings.

However, where there is discomfort there is also opportunity to learn. When we hurt there is an invitation to grow.

Generally we have been conditioned to categorize feelings as good and bad. We welcome the good and push away the bad, the difficult and uncomfortable. All feelings are our truth and require acknowledgement.

At times we need to push down painful feelings until it is safe to express them. Nothing is wrong with that, indeed sometimes this may be the best choice we can make and could even save our life.

The trouble comes when we forget about them. When we deny our trauma. When we push difficult feelings into the shadows they end up causing cause dis- ease. Our souls fragment. Energy blocks build overtime and can show themselves in outbursts, depression, mental illness and sickness. We lose our sense of ease.

Through ceremony, meditation and process art, also known as art therapy, I safely and gently help clients become more integrated.

Working with energy blocks (which occur when feelings have been pushed down and aside for long enough) is uncomfortable and therefore often avoided.

How does one work with blocked energy? In feeling the discomfort our window of tolerance widens and we can begin to heal, bit by bit, as we do this work slowly.

We can be brave and courageous, taking the path less trodden. We can decide to do the work and in doing so find more joy in life.

As a healing journey guide, a psychotherapist, counsellor, facilitator, a fellow human being, I have been walking this path for decades. When I first started, it hurt like hell and I was so grateful for the support I gravitated towards.

The giant energy blocks I once carried have now transmuted. The initial massive tidal waves of emotion that I found so terrifying have passed through me. I have become more whole, more accepting and loving towards myself.

In my experience the work becomes easier over time. I move through difficult feelings much quicker these days. Painful emotions still hurt, however I know they bring lessons for me. I choose not to push the hard emotions away for days, months, years. I welcome my ongoing healing journey.

If you would like support as you do this deep soul work, I stretch out my hand to you. Karen.

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