Losing Connection to Self

It’s all part of being human, this loosing connection. Our hearts open and close like accordions.

We connect and disconnect. We can feel blissfully at one with Source , then forget our connection in the very next moment. It’s near impossible to stay grounded in a world that is so triggering.

I find myself constantly reminding myself, to re-step into my channel, my connection.

When my heart is open I am more than my body and I feel alive, expansive, grateful and at peace within my being.

When I am triggered i feel pinched off, small, retracted and unhappy within my skin.

Sometimes I am out of alignment for hours or days. There has been darker times when I have stepped away from connection for weeks or years. Times I have travelled deep into the dark night of the soul.

When I am out of alignment with Spirit, Divine, Universe (you get what I mean – you may have other words, but I think you can relate) I become ungrounded and the fractured parts of me take charge. I can become weighed down by sadness, overwhelmed by anxiety, frozen in fear, surprise myself as a raging ball of anger or a master manipulator wanting to control what isn’t mine to control.

When I hook into these shadow parts, I have lost self awareness. Mindfulness goes AWOL. I forget to observe and accept the feelings within me as my truth. My mind races away telling me all sorts of mistruths. I forget to be kind to myself. I become the shadow part that has been triggered and I loose connection to my essence.

When I notice, I can choose to breath and harness my mind.

I can consciously open up my channel and call in supportive guides.

I can on purpose pick up my art tools and journal. I can connect through ceremony and meditation. I can shift the energy and release the pain. I can call in back soul fragments.

My heart opens (until it closes again).

Life goes on.

Soul Fragments

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